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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bayar tiket RM2 dapat RM300. Allah Maha Pemurah.

Price of RM2

Today i went to Shah Alam for a gathering, so i took ktm from bt caves to shah alam. So while queuing, an uncle line after me. ''Assalamualaikum pakcik, nak p mana?'' He smiled back at me and say ''shah alam'' , ''oh sama lah kita ! smile emoticon '' then i bought one ticket for adult and one for warga tua (because he's 68). He was stunned, then i said ''it's okay pakcik, saya belanja''.

The whole journey, we talked to each other and he gave me his business card, but i don't really pay any attention and straight away keep it in my purse. We talked about families, career, he told me he is muallaf, from sabah and ask me to tasmi' his recitation, surah luqman 1-15.

Nak di pendekkan cerita, last moment before we separated, he asked me. ''What book is that? Can i have a look?'' I said, sure and gave him the book (langit ilahi by hilal asyraf) After we arrived, he said to me..''be good, be genuine, i ll pray for you in mekkah'' (he's going for hajj this sunday).

When I arrived home, i saw RM300 in my book., and I looked at his card, he's captain and project director for marine engineering and dredging corporation.

Maybe that's why he paid RM2 for RM300 :')

God has promised, we won't be poor by giving out a portion of our wealth for charity.

May God guide us all

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